Does the TV Show Scandal Mimic Real Life Political Scandals?

Olivia Pope, Huck, Fitzgerald, these are names that make viewers excited to watch the show. A huge atrribution to the show's success is it's social reach. The amount of tweets that occur during a live broadcast is amoungst the highest of any tv show.

Who doesn't love a married white president going for a black mistress in Olivia Pope? The crazy part about the show is its ability to tug on your emotions. One week, you're routing for Olivia. Then the next week, you are actually routing for Melle (Fitz's wife for those of you who are horrible with names). The pretty interesting aspect of the show is how close this mirrors real life political scandals. Let's take a deeper look at these government scandals portrayed on Scandal

The Olivia Pope Effect

The TV Show: Olivia Pope has a client list that includes all executive level clients (presidents, governors, senators).

Real Life: Olivia Pope's character is based off of crisis manager Judy Smith. Similar to Olivia, Ms Smith was hired by several high end clients for various issues (Monica Lewinsky, Paula Deen, Michael Vick to name a few).

The DC Madam

The TV Show: Ms Marguette is a madam in Washington DC. As most madams do, she has a client list of wealthy & powerful men. Real Life: There actually was a real DC Medam - Jeane Palfrey. She was involved with a prostitution ring for over 13 years. The kicker: Palfrey was found dead in an apparent suicide (just like the Ms Marquette character on the TV show).

I simply don't understand the wealthy & powerful who are brilliant in one aspect, then utterly clueless on the other. Your going to get caught going through the prostitution angle, especially in today's day & age. They are better off using discreet dating services where the end game is a mutually beneficial arrangement.